A go-to team comprising young, dynamic and disciplined souls, who have willingly stepped out of our ordinary worlds to make a difference in yours.

Equipped with sharp minds, immense creativity, systematic execution and an incredible eye for detail, backed by passion and hard work, we stop at nothing short of perfection.

While we have serviced clients across a variety of marketing activities and events, we specialise in events conceptualization, execution, guest hospitality management and brand activation. For most of our clients, we are a one-stop-shop for everything experiential marketing.

We want exactly what you want: to leave an unforgettable impression in every mind.

Experiential Marketing services vary from client to client and experience to experience. Below are a few popular and effective formats that we can customise and design specifically for your brand

Some of the 1000s of aspects of your events that we can handle

Creative by nature and independent by choice, we’re a collection of deep thinkers and restless explorers. We have a shared appetite for newness, and we don’t dwell on comfort. We love sharp ideas, crafted with care. We love making the theoretical tangible.

An award winning creative and art director with over 16 years in the industry, Sean has spent the last few years guiding Media Playground into the creative spotlight.

Sean Condon
Creative Director

Shane is revered for his uncanny ability to conjure ideas that continually thrill our clients. A youth at heart who’s full of life and creative vision that he inks onto every piece of work he touches.

Shane Johnston
Art Director

Alex has over 8 years experience in the Public Relations industry, working as an advisor to Government Departments in PNG, non-Government Organisations, non-profit organisations, and private firms.

Alexandra Kalinoe
Managing Director

He hails from the North East of England, having studied Graphic Design at Newcastle College. He displays his laser-like focus as he executes his vision with meticulous detail and flare.

Ben Miners
Senior Designer

Vivian originates from Maracaibo, Venezuela and is one of our seasoned creative. A specialist in layout & design with her exotic spice and flavour.

vivian van balen
Graphic Designer

He’s a globe trotting digital director who has garnered a load of international experience and kindly brought it back to our shores. Most notably is his time spent in the booming tech-hub of San Francisco.

Sam Zabell
Digital Art Director

A bachelor in visual communication design from Queensland College of Art and had spent two years studying interior and industrial design prior to this.

Sophie Van der Drift
Graphic Designer

Nicholas brings both a unique and vibrant skill set to the Playground. He’s a number cruncher extraordinaire and prides himself on running a tight ship on the ground here at Media Playground

Nick Theodoridis
Operations Manager

James De Bond is an experienced communications strategist who enjoys developing innovative and creative strategies that motivate your consumers and meet your business objectives.

James De Bond

Our account manager by day and wordsmith by night. Mitchell brings together a skill set that shows no boundaries. With your best interests always on his mind, he’s your new best friend at Media Playground.

Mitchel Lewis
Account Manager

Will has an exceptional ability to create refreshing user experiences that maximise results. He’s a wiz-kid in the digital realm and a trailblazer of efficiency, who always gets the job done

Will Lin
Digital Developer

George has always seen managing a project an art form in itself, and the journey he took to get where he is today is remarkable. A problem solver

George Morris
Digital Project Manager

A man with a cinematic vision that’s steeped in tradition. Johnny has honed his craft around the best of the best for years, but is never afraid to push the boundaries of what he can capture with the lens.

Johnny Moubarak
Film Director

Al starts with 8mm to finishes flying drones. He creates some of our best work, and has an modern eye for film production.

We are always on the lookout for talented people to contribute.

We’re Creative

The best ideas are the ones that break out of the box. Creativity is what drives us and makes our world go ‘round!

We’re Punctual

Time is of the essence and it’s getting more precious in this face-paced world of ours. We understand deadlines and pride ourselves on taking the pressure of time off your shoulders.

We Have Man Power

It’s a collaborative effort here at Media Playground. This allows us to boast a crew from all agency realms. From Design to Digital, Strategy to Visual and Production to Publishing.

We’re Global

We are proud to have an industry reach that has stretched from humble beginnings in Australia to international success in Papua New Guinea, Australasia, India and beyond. We like to dream big and we’re glad to have you along for the ride.

We’re Friendly

Life’s too short to work with bitter and twisted professionals, so we like to inject a little fun and personality into our client relationships. The pleasure is all ours.

We’re Passionate

We love what we do and are absolute perfectionists about anything we get involved with. We don’t let anything leave our sight unless we are in love with it. You’ll always get our best and nothing less.

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